Monday, July 12, 2010

Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertiiiimmmeeee!

Summertime for some means HOTter days and LLLOOONNNGGGer nights, but for me it means sleeping later and spending more time with my daughter! One might also assume that since I'm off work for the summer, I could post more on my blog. Ahhuumm, well I've been busy: sleeping, driving my daughter to her morning trainings {EVERY} week day, watching TV with my daughter, enjoying my couch, catching up on movies, going to my daughter's soccer practices and games, sleeping, playing soccer, trying to get a work-out in here and there, sleeping, hanging out my hubby, and catching up with friends. Whew! I think I need to rest just thinking about all of the sleeping, um work! ;-) Oh, and I'm addicted to playing "Words with Friends" on my new iPhone4!

Anywhoo, just thought I'd drop in and check on all of the blogs I stalk (though, I've been lacking in the stalking area also!).

Check out this mini video about my *exciting* summer. Summertime Fun
PS - the last pic is a screen shot of my "Words with Friends" game. You can't see it, but I scored 135 points for ONE move! AWESOMEness!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Long time, no talk!

It seems as though I've fallen off the blogosphere, again. However, this time the culprit: a virus-infected laptop. But thanks to the generous husband of a dear friend, my computer is back up and running better than new! Can't beat that! So, hopefully I'll get back on the blogging saddle and you'll hear a lot more from me in the near future.

In the meantime, here's a mini video of some recent fun times with the family. I created the video using one of my favorite programs, Animoto. (You too can create 30 second videos for FREE! and it's as easy as pie to use!!!)

Oh, and last week while at a technology workshop for school, I learned that you can post on your blog from your cell phone, like this post here. (There are two easy ways to do this; via an email or a text both made directly from your cell phone.) Wish I had learned that sooner!
Create your own video slideshow at

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My hubby (on the right) and his friend are true WARRIORS! This is after they completed the Warrior Dash, a 5k obstacle course and mud run. Way to go boys!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creature of Habit Explores New Shell!

Are you a creature of habit? I certainly am, especially when it comes to cooking dinner. {Of course, I'm more in the habit of picking up dinner!} When I do cook dinner, I typically cook the same meals or at least use similar ingredients in most of my recipes. Rotel and Cream of Chicken soup are staples in my pantry! =)

Well tonight, I crawled out of my shell and tried something new. As my husband and daughter were headed out the door for soccer practice {Yes, my husband's awesome like that! He'll take Kailey to practice so that I can get things done at home.}, my daughter says "Mom, can you make spaghetti for dinner?" Now, spaghetti is one of my daughter's FAVORITE foods; however, it is NOT anywhere near my list of favorites. But remember, this is a time when I was feeling bold and was willing to experiment.

So, I called my parents and invited them over for dinner to test out my experiment. I just wouldn't be satisfied with feedback from my husband and daugher alone, I would need someone a little more critical. That taste-tester would be my father. He LoVes to cook, so I knew he'd give me his real opinion.

Here's the menu:
Stuffed Manicotti: I sauteed garlic, mushrooms, and onions. Then added boneless, skinless chicken tenders and seasoned it all with some crushed red peppers. {I LoVe anything and everything spicy!} While the chicken was cooking, I cooked the manicotti noodles. After draining the noodles, I stuffed each manicotti noodle with a spoonful of cottage cheese and a cooked chicken tender. Using just a bit of some spaghetti sauce I lined my casserole dish to prevent the noodles from sticking. Then placed the stuffed manicotti in, covered them with the remaining sauce and the remaining mushrooms and onion. I topped it off with some feta cheese crumbs.

Salad: Mixed spinach and greens, tomatoes, bell peppers (red, yellow, & orange), jalepenos, onions, feta cheese, and a Greek dressing

Bread: crescent rolls

It turned out deeeee-lish!!! We all LoVed it, including my biggest food critic. Guess I can add it into my mix of usual meals that I always fall back on when cooking dinner! As for my daughter's request, it's not spaghetti but it was pasta with an Italian theme. AND she inhaled it all the same!

Have you crawled out of your shell lately? You should, there's sunshine out there!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Suggestions NEEDED!

I've mentioned before that one of my responsibilities at school is to do the morning announcements on the school PA system. Yep, that's right! I start off everyone's school day  with a quick musical intro and then a daily dose of what's goin' on in and around our school. (I really don't mind it. It's kind of fun!)

So last school year we started a tradition of hosting a spring Father-Daughter dance. Every successful dance has a rockin' DJ, right? Well, guess who my principal recommended to the PTO moms as the DJ? Oh yeah, your's truly! {Do you think listing "school DJ" on a resume would help me land a job later on in life? Hahaha!}

Well I survived our first dance last school year -- it went very well I might add. Lots of F-U-N!!! It's now time for that darling dance again and here's where you come in to play. I would LoVe to hear suggestions from you about songs that are a MUST to play at the dance. I've been going through my VERY large list of iTunes music trying to build a playlist with a variety of fun songs and sweet songs, but want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Plus, I just thought it would be fun to see what you come up with!

What songs do YOU think I should play?
This is my hubby and sweet girl at last year's dance. Unfortunately, they won't be there this year because my baby *sniff* girl *sniff, sniff* is too big for my school. *tears roll down my cheeks*

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Just Another Manic Monday"

Really, it was! A MANIC MONDAY!!! While I wasn't really ready for my Spring Break to be over, I certainly did not wish to start my week back to work in Manic Madness!

Has this ever happened to you??? ...

You go to bed late, wake up a time or two in the middle of the night for a bathroom break, and then the next thing you know you open your eyes, look over at the clock, and ...
[Image from WikiMedia Commons]
Scream! That's right, you scream because the clock says 7:25 and you are supposed to be at work in 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes! 5 MINUTES!!!!!

Even if I didn't have to take a shower, dry my hair, get dressed, put on some make-up, grab some breakfast, pack my lunch, and run out the door. I still couldn't make it to work in 5 minutes. It takes me 15 minutes just to drive to work! You do the math on that one!

So, I called school to let them know I would be late and then hit the floor like a
{My husband says I should take a shower that fast all of the time. Hmph!}

Let me tell you, ladies and geezermen, I DID take a shower, dry my hair, get dressed, put on some make-up, grab some breakfast, pack my lunch, run out the door, AND fly drive to work all in a matter of 45 minutes! That's right, I made it to work by 8:10. Remember it takes me 15 minutes just to drive to work. Not to mention the few minutes I took to call work. How fast did I get ready for work on this Manic Monday? -- you do the math!

Oh, and of course I had to allow some time to growl at my husband for setting the alarm clock for 5:55pm! This is the reason behind all of my Manic Madness in the first place! Grr! But the hubster says I should be thanking him for getting me that extra hour and a half of sleep - I. DON'T. THINK. SO. I'll be double checking his alarm setting skills tonight! I will make sure it's set for a.m.

However, at the end of the day, I survived and I still LoVe my husband! {By the way, thankfully my daugher spent the night at my parents' last night. She made it to school on time, thanks to my mother!}

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Have I told you how much I despise cold weather? No? Well, I much prefer 100 degree temps over 50 degrees ANY day! This is why living in Texas is perfect for me. Well almost perfect. Someday when the hubby and I retire, we may find us a little beach hut to live in during the winter months. That way on the rare occasion when it does snow, we'll have somewhere warm to go hibernate!

And since I LoVe warm weather, the fact that spring is in the air makes me HAPPY! Something else that reeeaaallllllyyy makes me happy ...

Spring Fling

That's right, I participated in Life as Lori's "Spring Fling" and am so HAPPY with my surprises. Don't you just LoVe surprises?!! Deb, from Sweet Tea, and I were paired up for the spring gift swap fun. I enjoyed getting to know Deb by stalking browsing her blog. She's a FUN gal! Go check out her blog and see the surprises I sent her. But first, check out the goodies I received!

This is me opening my package. Don't you just LoVe surprises?!!
{Please ignore the wardrobe and hairdo. I just returned from a run. Boy was I ecstatic when I found this package on my front doorstep!!! It was a pleasant way to end my run!}

Ooh, la, la! Spring has Sprung!
{Did you notice how my little dog, Pepper, keeps making an appearance in the pictures?}
Aren't those spring hand-towels just the cutest?
Can't wait to wear these fun earrings!
My favorite item amongst all of the goodies is the trio of the most adorable Easter bunnies!
I'm currently fighting with myself (Yes, I said I'm fighting with myself!) as I try to decide whether to keep these festive wooden bunnies at home on my sofa table for spring or take them to school to display in my library. If I take them to school, I can show them off to hundreds versus keeping them at home where only a few family and friends can enjoy them. Hmm. Any thoughts?

Thank you Deb for all of the A-W-E-S-O-M-E goodies!!! And thanks for being my Spring Fling partner. Also,  a BIG thanks to Lori for sponsoring this fun swap!

Oh, and I must give props to my photographer! ;-)
{Did I mention that I drug her along on my run? Can't you tell by the hair?!!}

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's BOOK it!

Who doesn't LoVe a good BOOK? Who doesn't LoVe a good, FREE BOOK?!! I'm hoping to be a lucky winner and receive a FREE BOOK from Finesse Your Nest's give away.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Cel.e.brate Good Times, Come On!"

Please join me as I celebrate the completion of my FIRST half-marathon! Today was my big race: the Cowtown Half-Marathon! {Read more about my running journeys along the way here.}

I achieved my goals that I set out to accomplish: 1) finish the race and 2) run the entire 13.1 miles. And ...

I did it! I ran jogged the entire 13.1 miles and finished the race! Woohoo!!! My unofficial time as I crossed the finish line was 2 hours and 37 minutes. I'm told that I can probably knock off at least 10-15 minutes to allow for delay in actual start time. I'll hopefully find out soon what my actual time was; although, I really am just proud to say I finished!
{That's me in the light blue jacket. I was SO relieved when I saw my hubby & daughter! My daughter jumped on the course and finished the last quarter mile with me!}

{After the race with one of my strongest supporters! She's an amazing friend and an incredible woman!}

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

True Confessions of a Little Blog Stalker

I admit ... I'm a blog stalker! I enjoy peeking in on others blogs to laugh, cry, and be inspired. Wouldn't you agree that it's fun to live vicariously through others blogs?!!? ... Admit it, you're a blog stalker too! And just in case you need some direction in good blogs to stalk, allow me to lead the way.

  • Need a little something to make you laugh? Check out this post by One Crafty Mama! Don't you just LoVe the new definitions! Or how about this Tornado of a story from Controlling My Chaos for a good chuckle!
  • How about a chance to be a winner? Check out this Fantastic Give Away at the Thrifty Decor Chick. But you better stay away from Coastal Charm's Cash Giveaway! ~ Okay, go check it out, but if you win, you have to share!
  • Are you in need of some inspiration? How about this awesome Zipper Daisy from Crafaholics Anonymous? Um, yeah. I could make that. Well, if I could sew I could make that, um maybe.
  • Still need more inspiration? Go on over to Life in the Pitts for some incredible Craft Therapy. WoW! What talented ladies!
  • Do you need PEACE in your life? Go on over to the Wonder Woman Wannabe for a simple way to have peace in your life, everyday!
  • And if you're just in the mood to do some shopping, then go check out these Delightful Charms from my friend at City 2 City! Or, get some fabulous Honey Pie Jewels for that special honey pie in your life!
So what blog do you stalk? ... I know you're out there! Go ahead and confess! I might decide to stalk you too! Bahahaha!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I received this comic in an email from my aunt. LoVe it! Which fairy tale princess do you relate to the most? =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey Good Lookin', What'cha Got Cookin'

... How about cookin' somethin' up for me?... These are the words that my husband and daughter are uttering in my house!

I've mentioned before that I rarely cook. It's not that I despise cooking. It's just that I prefer cooking to entertain guests, rather than cooking to survive. Thus, tonight my family had sandwiches for dinner. But after dinner, what did I do? Why I prepared a full meal for eight (8) people! That's right, I whipped up an appetizer, an entree, a side dish, AND a dessert for eight people. (I'm fortunate enough to eat with 7 wonderful teachers every work day!) Would you like to know what's on the menu for lunch tomorrow?

"Tomorrow for lunch we are having ..." (This is my announcement voice that I use each school day to do the morning announcements!)
  • Texas Caviar
  • Mexican Fiesta Bake
  • Rice & Monterey Jack Casserole
  • Magic Cookie Bars

Mexican Fiesta Bake

Magic Cookie Bars

All of the recipes are from a new cookbook I purchased from my school library book fair a few weeks ago. (With the exception of the Mexican Fiesta Bake; it was inspired by a recipe but I altered it quite a bit.) I hope my friends like it!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Around 5:45 this morning, we received the call, "No school today due to inclement weather." Woot, Woot! So after my husband went off to work (Yes, the poor guy has to go in no matter what.), I went back to sleep. Aww! Sleeeping late on a "work" day ~ bliss!

The rest of my day was spent enjoying time with my daughter. We bundled up and braved the cold. Oh what fun, it is to ride a one horse open sleigh giant exercise ball!
Most people go down a snowy hill on a sleigh, sled, or even trash-can lid. Not this family! We rolled down the hill on a giant exercise ball. Oh what fun! I also found out the hard way that punting a giant ball while standing in the snowy driveway = UpSiDe DoWn!!! That's right my feet went over my head!

After dinner tonight, we made some DeLiCiOuS cookies! I had a roll of sugar cookie dough; I split it in half so that we could each make our own cookie creation. Kailey added peanut butter and sprinkles to her dough. I added chocolate chips, coconut, and chopped pecans to my half. We each ended up with cookies to match our individual tastes! So easy, so YUMMY!

And the best part of it all, we get to do it again tomorrow. That's right, no school on Friday either! Maybe I can get some projects or fun little crafties done!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Biggest Loser - Family Style!

Do you watch NBC's Biggest Loser? It's a family favorite at my house! On Tuesday evenings, I cook dinner (Yes, I said cook! Remember, I'm working on eating at home at least 3 times a week.) and then we set up TV trays in the living room. My husband, daughter, and I all eat dinner off of our TV trays and watch the Biggest Loser together. LoVe this family time!

Tonight after we ate dinner, we also completed some chores during the commercial brakes. We My husband rinsed the dishes and my daughter and I loaded the dishwasher. We also folded a load of laundry. Not bad for a family night, eh?!?

Oh, and in case you've read my posts about my running adventures, the big date is getting closer! Yikes! Not too sure I'm ready, but we'll find out soon enough.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Bad Case of the Lazies!

I have to admit, this weekend has been nice! On Saturday my daughter had a mid-day soccer game. On our way home we picked up lunch from Rosa's Cafe - delicious! Afterwards, the two of us hung out at home: some computer time, satisfying our munchies, and watched the crowning of Miss America. (The hubby was called into work.)

Today, we actually had zero soccer games. A typical Sunday afternoon/night for us is usually spent at an indoor soccer arena. My husband and I play on three, yes 3!, co-ed soccer teams. However, today we somehow lucked out without a single game. Ahh! The comfort of my Snuggie, my laptop, and my reclining spot on the couch!

But don't worry, I did manage to get a run in today! So I haven't been completely lazy! I met one of my running buddies at the gym and ran 5 miles on the treadmill. It was WAY too cold to run outside!!! Can you believe my half-marathon is only 4 weeks away!??! Woohoo!

Well, all good things must come to an end. This is going to be a super busy week! I have the book fair going on at school all week; going to the Rodeo with the family on Tuesday night; playing in two soccer games on Wednesday night; working the book fair for Family Night at school on Thursday night; playing in a soccer game on Friday night; taking a certification exam on Saturday morning; watching my daughter play a soccer game; playing in a soccer game on Saturday night; and playing in two games on Sunday. WoW! Makes me tired before I even start the week! I guess you could say this weekend was "the calm before the storm." Is it storming in your life right now?

Hopefully there will be a rainbow at the end of the storm! But no matter what, I certainly have a pot of gold: my family!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today I have a simple Saturday craft created using materials I had on hand. The entire project took less than an hour! 

A wooden plaque

Acrylic paint and scrapbook paper - I cut the letters out with my Cricut.

I used Mod Podge to adhere the letters to the sign.

I plan to create a family photo montage on a hallway wall. I think this sign will be perfect to include.

I'm linking this up to:
Crafts in Bloom - 1st Craft Club Project
Finesse Your Nest - Shop the House Sunday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Won't you be my Valentine!?!

Decorating for every holiday or season is beyond my domestic abilities. However, I've seen lots and lots of FaBuLoUs ideas for Valentine's decor, even a Valentine's Linky Party hosted by Craftaholics Anonymous. In fact, I've been absorbed by my computer, yet again! I can't stop lurking! There are far too many fun crafts to make for this LoVeLy holiday! So, instead of attempting to decorate my house for this holiday, I dedicated a display case at work.
Can you figure out what my day job is?

I'm a school librarian by day, and a blog lurker by night.

I made the little heart banner with my Cricut! "Books We Love"

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whatta man!

"What a man, what a man, what a man, what a man. What a mighty good man!" ~ lyrics from Salt-n-Pepa

Should I feel bad that my husband has been asleep for the past two and a half hours in his recliner? While I've been on the couch lost in blogosphere? (Shh, don't tell him.)

What if I told you that when he got home from work today at 4:00 he made the kitchen sparkle and finished off a load of towels (folded & put away)? Then he cleaned the dishes after I cooked dinner.

Do you think he deserves to nap? I do! I'm very grateful for my hubby! He's quite the man!!! He always finds a way to lift me up and make me feel special. Not to mention, he's an excellent father! Today, coming home to a clean sparkly kitchen was just the pick-me-up I needed. Love this man!

You didn't expect to see a picture of him asleep in his chair, did you?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life's a Dance, You Learn as You Go ...

"Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Don't worry 'bout what you don't know, life's a dance, you learn as you go." (lyrics from John Michael Montgomery)

Well I didn't dance today, ... I ran. In fact I ran 9 1/2 miles; most of the time I followed but what can I say? The awesome ladies I ran with today are more experienced runners and I hadn't ran anything over five miles until today. So today was a learning experience for me.
  • I learned that my body can endure a longer run. (We'll see if this holds true over the next few weeks. Remember I'm running a half marathon on February 27th.)
  • I learned that by wearing a good pair of running shoes versus a cute pair, saves the feet from blisters. Not to mention that wearing running shoes a size bigger than your normal shoe size really does help! (Did you know that your feet expand when running?!)
  • I learned that I really need to get at least 2 decent runs (4-6 mi.) in during the week to help my body prepare for the longer runs on Saturdays. (I've been running 3-4 mi. on the treadmill at the gym, and it's just not the same.)
  • I learned that running outdoors is far more enjoyable than running on that treadmill. We saw deer, horses, lots of pretty birds, and beautiful natural scenery! You just don't see that on a treadmill! Of course, you don't have the skunk aroma, nearby cattle ranches, and homecooked meals floating in the air on a treadmill either!
  • I learned that after a long run like today, I am StArViNg!!! I've only been home for approximately two hours and I've already eaten a bowl of oatmeal, an apple, and an avocado! Now I'm waiting for the family to get home so we can have some lunch. Sure wish they'd hurry!
  • I learned that despite the rain and temps around 50, my body still produces a tremendous amount of sweat! And do you know what the wind and rain did to the sweat on my face? Picture first, what your foot looks like when it's damp and you step into sand. When you lift your foot it's all crusty with a salt-like film, right? Now picture my face with that salt-like film all over it! Yes, it's true ... my face was nasty! I guess the rain didn't allow the sweat to evaporate from my skin, instead it dried there! (Here's a fun explanation about sweat, just in case you need some more random reading!)
So, I did get my run in today and I survived! I also learned a lot along this journey and am certain there is still more to learn, because "life's a dance, you learn as you go!"

Have you signed up for a run yet? There are bound to be some fun runs in your area! You should try it! Fair Warning: It's addicting! Go find the superhero in you!

Pic found on Creative Commons.

By the way, if you're tired of reading about my running journeys. My apologies! I will try to post something soon about some projects in the works. Happy Day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Imma Be. Imma Be. Imma be livin' that good life.

For many of us the month of January is focused on improvements: home, health & fitness, family, relationships, etc., etc., and when we make those improvements we're gonna "be livin' that good life." As for me, I am doing just that! In 2010, Imma be living that good, good life! (Not that my life hasn't been good up to this point, but I'm finding ways to make it better.)

No, I'm not talking (or singing) about New Year's resolutions. I'm making goals for myself and my family; small attainable goals such as training for a half-marathon or my family eating FROM home (not just AT home) a minimum of three (3) nights per week. I've also been working really hard to make sure that my washer and dryer are both EMPTY before I go to bed. And just not washing clothes all together does not count! And neither does taking the clothes out and piling them in a chair. Yes, I admit. I am guilty of both. Or worse, I'm guilty of leaving clothes in the dryer for days; or still worse, leaving them in the washer so that I must wash them AGAIN before moving them to the dryer. Don't hold it against me! You know you've done it at least once in your life, right? {I'm gonna pretend I heard you say yes!} I love knowing that when I get home from work, there will not be unfinished laundry waiting for me. (Well, almost. There will always be laundry in the hamper!)

Anywhoo, I'm making small improvement goals for myself and my family in order to have a happier, healthier, and cleaner life with my family. So where do YOU come in to play in my "good life?" Your job, my blogger friend, is to hold me accountable. As I proceed and complete these goals, I will report back and tell you my success and failure stories. I also want to know if you have set any goals to improve your life? How can I help you reach your goals?

Btw, the Black Eyed Peas image is from Amazon. Don't you just love their music?!! Oh, and have you noticed that many of my post titles are catchy lyrics from some fabulous songs? What can I say, I'm addicted to music -- listening to music, not making music.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Get on your feet! Get up and make it happen!

Do you remember reading this post when I turned into the gingerbread man? Well, maybe not quite the gingerbread man, but I was running "as fast as I can" (could). Well let's just say that over the Christmas holidays, the gingerbread man was eaten, whole! *Gasp!*

Today I re-baked the gingerbread man and put my running shoes on to get back into my training-for-a-half-marathon. (If you're a regular marathoner or half-marathon runner, please forgive me for veering from my training.) And since I didn't run over the past few weeks, I decided to take this little ball of fur along for the run.

Do you think Pepper would get along with the gingerbread man?
Let me tell you how the run went, and then you can decide for yourself.

Pepper, who is a whopping 10 pound Toy Rat Terrier, gets a litle over-excited when you pull out his leash. It's really quite funny! Once the leash is on, he grabs hold of the leash with his mouth and takes himself for a run through the yard. Now picture this, he brings himself on his leash back to me and we take off up the street to begin our run. Remember, he's beyond ecstatic to be out and about, but I on the other hand am stumbling in my Nike Shox just trying to get my legs into running mode. So this, my friends, is how my first mile-and-a-half went:

Pepper, who began the run overly excited, quickly loses interest in the run and feels the urge to mark every telephone box, electrical box, and mailbox we pass. (There were pa-lenty of places for him to relieve himself over AND over AGAIN. Trust me!) I, on the other hand (do not need to relieve myself), am getting my groove on with some tunes on my iPhone, continuously switching the leash from the left hand to the right to keep Pepper away from all possible pit stops, and am trying to get some mileage under my belt. Needless to say, I made a pit stop when we came back around to my house. No, not to relieve myself on our mailbox! But to leave the dog behind. Afterall, I'm not the only one who lounged over Christmas break.

Do you think the gingerbread man is pleased to have Pepper along for the run? Hmm.

Have no fear my running friends, once I ditched the dog I was able to run like with the wind. Since I have some lost training days to make up for, I had to get in a minimum of four miles. I did! Woohoo!
You too can join me in training for a half-marathon. (You don't have to take the dog along on your runs.) Find a run near you and get started! Think of all that you would accomplish: improve your health, possible weight loss, fun with a family pet (or not), the accomplishment of completing the run, and donating money towards a good cause! If a half-marathon sounds like more than you can chew, start with a 5K. There are bound to be some fun runs in your area. My Cowtown half-marathon is only seven(7) weeks away. YiKeS! I better get to running, and you should too!
Are you still there?!? Get up off that couch and get those feet moving! You can do it!!! Need some help getting started? Leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you a copy of my training schedule. My marathon running fool friend created it for me, but it can easily be adapted for you.
Now sing with me ... Get on your feet! Get up and make it happen!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I won, I won!

That's right, I'm a winner! Before I ever started my own blog, I was a fan of a dear friend's blog. Kirsten always has something to say, words of inspiration or words that will have you in tears laughing. I guess you can say she inspired me to start my own blog. Recently she made her 100th post! In her 100th post, she shares her "Word of the Year."

Then, as a way to celebrate the success of her blog, she has offered to create and give away a Word of the Year (WOTY) frame for a few lucky followers. This is where my good luck comes into play! Kirsten is going to make me my own WOTY  frame. I'm so *excited!* Once I receive it, you can bet I'll post it here.

Go on over to B&K and tell Kirsten I sent you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Don't you just love surprises? I certainly do! I received this BeAuTiFuL surprise from a sweet colleague.

Are you asking yourself why am I (meaning me not you, dear reader) deserving of this little beauty? Don't feel bad, I wondered the same thing. I really didn't do anything special. My friend was creating her classroom website and I provided her some guidance. (Remember, I LoVe technology and gadgets!) Anywhoo, as a little "thank you," she created this lovely little dish soap dispenser. (She let me in on the little secret to this beauty. She took the cross off of a necklace that she will never wear and glued it to the glass soap dispenser bottle from WalMart.) It was also her idea to put the blue Dawn dish soap in the bottle too! LoVe how it looks!

Now are you ready for another surprise? I am hoping to be the winner of this little lovely!

You could earn a chance to win it too. Go on over to Tatertots and Jello's blog. Just don't win MY watch! Hee, hee!

I'm so excited! (Sing with me!)

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!
I cooked something new and my family liked it!
Oh yeah!!! ...

Do you want to know what I cooked? It's probably something you've cooked numerous times. I, however, am guilty of cooking the same things over and over again. Actually, if I'm really being honest, I hardly cook. In fact my family eats out or gets take-out on a regular basis. Sad isn't?! Would you think better of me if I told you that I'm working on changing this horrible dining out habit? I'm setting a goal for myself: My goal is that my family eats FROM home (not just AT home) a minimum of three (3) nights per week.  So far this week, we had take-out on Monday, ate at a friend's house last night, and FROM home tonight. I think I can count last night's meal at the friend's house as eating from home, don't you? Yep. So that means, I just need to cook something up tomorrow night and I've met my goal for the first week. =)

All right, enough stalling. Let's talk about what I served up tonight for dinner. I cooked up some DEE-licious Taco Soup! I started by cooking up two pounds of hamburger meat, seasoned with taco seasoning, black pepper, and sliced onions. (Note: I always cook at least 2 lbs. at a time when cooking hamburger meat. I use one pound for one night's meal and save the other pound for a different recipe on a different night.) Next, I opened up a can of Mild Rotel, a can of corn, and a large can of Ranch Style Beans and threw them into a large pot. (I didn't drain any of those items.) Then, I stirred in one pound of my taco meat and brought it to a boil. Once boiling, I turned the heat down to medium-low and let the flavors simmer together a bit. (This all took less than 30 minutes!) As I served the soup into the bowls, we added shredded cheese and crushed-up tortilla chips. Both, my husband and daughter, came back for seconds. I'd say that's a sign that they liked it, wouldn't you? (And of course, I'm taking the left overs for lunch tomorrow! LoVe it when I can do that!)

Oh, and tomorrow night I'll use the other pound of taco meat for taco salad or an easy taco bake. Have I mentioned before that I LoVe Mexican food?!!!

Are you guilty for cooking the same things over and over again? I am. Are you in need for some new recipes? I am. Check out these tasty blog parties for some great recipes!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monogram Picture Frames

Since we just had our final Christmas gift exchange on Sunday, I decided it's not too late to share the gifts I whipped up on a whim.

I always have the hardest time trying to figure out Christmas gifts for all of my cousins' children (without breaking the bank of course!). So the last two years I decided to make them something small and pair it with a small ($10) gift card to Target. This year I made each of them a simple monogram picture frame. (Please pardon the quality of the pictures. I forgot to take them with my camera, and the lighting didn't go well with my phone.)

 The two "K"s went to a set of sisters (10 and 7) and the three black and red coordinating frames went to my favorite cousin, for her kids of course. (Okay, so I intentionally used colors that I knew my cousin would like and figured that all three of her kids' frames would end up in her room anyways. Is that wrong?) ;-) I bought the frames in a set of 13 various sized frames for $13 during WalMart's Black Friday sale. (That's $1 per frame - can't beat that!)

Linking this little project to the Tip Junkie's Favorite Project of 2009.

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