Spring has Sprung!

Have I told you how much I despise cold weather? No? Well, I much prefer 100 degree temps over 50 degrees ANY day! This is why living in Texas is perfect for me. Well almost perfect. Someday when the hubby and I retire, we may find us a little beach hut to live in during the winter months. That way on the rare occasion when it does snow, we'll have somewhere warm to go hibernate!

And since I LoVe warm weather, the fact that spring is in the air makes me HAPPY! Something else that reeeaaallllllyyy makes me happy ...

Spring Fling

That's right, I participated in Life as Lori's "Spring Fling" and am so HAPPY with my surprises. Don't you just LoVe surprises?!! Deb, from Sweet Tea, and I were paired up for the spring gift swap fun. I enjoyed getting to know Deb by stalking browsing her blog. She's a FUN gal! Go check out her blog and see the surprises I sent her. But first, check out the goodies I received!

This is me opening my package. Don't you just LoVe surprises?!!
{Please ignore the wardrobe and hairdo. I just returned from a run. Boy was I ecstatic when I found this package on my front doorstep!!! It was a pleasant way to end my run!}

Ooh, la, la! Spring has Sprung!
{Did you notice how my little dog, Pepper, keeps making an appearance in the pictures?}
Aren't those spring hand-towels just the cutest?
Can't wait to wear these fun earrings!
My favorite item amongst all of the goodies is the trio of the most adorable Easter bunnies!
I'm currently fighting with myself (Yes, I said I'm fighting with myself!) as I try to decide whether to keep these festive wooden bunnies at home on my sofa table for spring or take them to school to display in my library. If I take them to school, I can show them off to hundreds versus keeping them at home where only a few family and friends can enjoy them. Hmm. Any thoughts?

Thank you Deb for all of the A-W-E-S-O-M-E goodies!!! And thanks for being my Spring Fling partner. Also,  a BIG thanks to Lori for sponsoring this fun swap!

Oh, and I must give props to my photographer! ;-)
{Did I mention that I drug her along on my run? Can't you tell by the hair?!!}


  1. What wonderful goodies you received. I love the bunnies!!! I would show them off at school!!
    Thanks for playing!


  2. Wow!! You received a lot of goodies!! I loved getting my package, too. I got to know my partner through emails and visiting her blog. It's neat to make new friends. I adore the bunnies. I'd bring them to your library for a little while and then bring them home to celebrate the rest of spring. Or, you could send them to me! ;-)

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  3. Looks like you did very good in the swap. Everything is great. I am a Texas blogger with a list and will add your name to my list. Please come and visit and be a follower.



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