I won, I won!

That's right, I'm a winner! Before I ever started my own blog, I was a fan of a dear friend's blog. Kirsten always has something to say, words of inspiration or words that will have you in tears laughing. I guess you can say she inspired me to start my own blog. Recently she made her 100th post! In her 100th post, she shares her "Word of the Year."

Then, as a way to celebrate the success of her blog, she has offered to create and give away a Word of the Year (WOTY) frame for a few lucky followers. This is where my good luck comes into play! Kirsten is going to make me my own WOTY  frame. I'm so *excited!* Once I receive it, you can bet I'll post it here.

Go on over to B&K and tell Kirsten I sent you!


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