Get on your feet! Get up and make it happen!

Do you remember reading this post when I turned into the gingerbread man? Well, maybe not quite the gingerbread man, but I was running "as fast as I can" (could). Well let's just say that over the Christmas holidays, the gingerbread man was eaten, whole! *Gasp!*

Today I re-baked the gingerbread man and put my running shoes on to get back into my training-for-a-half-marathon. (If you're a regular marathoner or half-marathon runner, please forgive me for veering from my training.) And since I didn't run over the past few weeks, I decided to take this little ball of fur along for the run.

Do you think Pepper would get along with the gingerbread man?
Let me tell you how the run went, and then you can decide for yourself.

Pepper, who is a whopping 10 pound Toy Rat Terrier, gets a litle over-excited when you pull out his leash. It's really quite funny! Once the leash is on, he grabs hold of the leash with his mouth and takes himself for a run through the yard. Now picture this, he brings himself on his leash back to me and we take off up the street to begin our run. Remember, he's beyond ecstatic to be out and about, but I on the other hand am stumbling in my Nike Shox just trying to get my legs into running mode. So this, my friends, is how my first mile-and-a-half went:

Pepper, who began the run overly excited, quickly loses interest in the run and feels the urge to mark every telephone box, electrical box, and mailbox we pass. (There were pa-lenty of places for him to relieve himself over AND over AGAIN. Trust me!) I, on the other hand (do not need to relieve myself), am getting my groove on with some tunes on my iPhone, continuously switching the leash from the left hand to the right to keep Pepper away from all possible pit stops, and am trying to get some mileage under my belt. Needless to say, I made a pit stop when we came back around to my house. No, not to relieve myself on our mailbox! But to leave the dog behind. Afterall, I'm not the only one who lounged over Christmas break.

Do you think the gingerbread man is pleased to have Pepper along for the run? Hmm.

Have no fear my running friends, once I ditched the dog I was able to run like with the wind. Since I have some lost training days to make up for, I had to get in a minimum of four miles. I did! Woohoo!
You too can join me in training for a half-marathon. (You don't have to take the dog along on your runs.) Find a run near you and get started! Think of all that you would accomplish: improve your health, possible weight loss, fun with a family pet (or not), the accomplishment of completing the run, and donating money towards a good cause! If a half-marathon sounds like more than you can chew, start with a 5K. There are bound to be some fun runs in your area. My Cowtown half-marathon is only seven(7) weeks away. YiKeS! I better get to running, and you should too!
Are you still there?!? Get up off that couch and get those feet moving! You can do it!!! Need some help getting started? Leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you a copy of my training schedule. My marathon running fool friend created it for me, but it can easily be adapted for you.
Now sing with me ... Get on your feet! Get up and make it happen!


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