Imma Be. Imma Be. Imma be livin' that good life.

For many of us the month of January is focused on improvements: home, health & fitness, family, relationships, etc., etc., and when we make those improvements we're gonna "be livin' that good life." As for me, I am doing just that! In 2010, Imma be living that good, good life! (Not that my life hasn't been good up to this point, but I'm finding ways to make it better.)

No, I'm not talking (or singing) about New Year's resolutions. I'm making goals for myself and my family; small attainable goals such as training for a half-marathon or my family eating FROM home (not just AT home) a minimum of three (3) nights per week. I've also been working really hard to make sure that my washer and dryer are both EMPTY before I go to bed. And just not washing clothes all together does not count! And neither does taking the clothes out and piling them in a chair. Yes, I admit. I am guilty of both. Or worse, I'm guilty of leaving clothes in the dryer for days; or still worse, leaving them in the washer so that I must wash them AGAIN before moving them to the dryer. Don't hold it against me! You know you've done it at least once in your life, right? {I'm gonna pretend I heard you say yes!} I love knowing that when I get home from work, there will not be unfinished laundry waiting for me. (Well, almost. There will always be laundry in the hamper!)

Anywhoo, I'm making small improvement goals for myself and my family in order to have a happier, healthier, and cleaner life with my family. So where do YOU come in to play in my "good life?" Your job, my blogger friend, is to hold me accountable. As I proceed and complete these goals, I will report back and tell you my success and failure stories. I also want to know if you have set any goals to improve your life? How can I help you reach your goals?

Btw, the Black Eyed Peas image is from Amazon. Don't you just love their music?!! Oh, and have you noticed that many of my post titles are catchy lyrics from some fabulous songs? What can I say, I'm addicted to music -- listening to music, not making music.


  1. These look like some FABulous goals! Best wishes as your forge ahead!!

    Oh, and yes, I HAVE been known to leave clothes in the washer too long so they have to be re-washed! You're among friends!! ;)

    Thanks for being a new friend @ W.W.W!



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