I'm so excited! (Sing with me!)

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!
I cooked something new and my family liked it!
Oh yeah!!! ...

Do you want to know what I cooked? It's probably something you've cooked numerous times. I, however, am guilty of cooking the same things over and over again. Actually, if I'm really being honest, I hardly cook. In fact my family eats out or gets take-out on a regular basis. Sad isn't?! Would you think better of me if I told you that I'm working on changing this horrible dining out habit? I'm setting a goal for myself: My goal is that my family eats FROM home (not just AT home) a minimum of three (3) nights per week.  So far this week, we had take-out on Monday, ate at a friend's house last night, and FROM home tonight. I think I can count last night's meal at the friend's house as eating from home, don't you? Yep. So that means, I just need to cook something up tomorrow night and I've met my goal for the first week. =)

All right, enough stalling. Let's talk about what I served up tonight for dinner. I cooked up some DEE-licious Taco Soup! I started by cooking up two pounds of hamburger meat, seasoned with taco seasoning, black pepper, and sliced onions. (Note: I always cook at least 2 lbs. at a time when cooking hamburger meat. I use one pound for one night's meal and save the other pound for a different recipe on a different night.) Next, I opened up a can of Mild Rotel, a can of corn, and a large can of Ranch Style Beans and threw them into a large pot. (I didn't drain any of those items.) Then, I stirred in one pound of my taco meat and brought it to a boil. Once boiling, I turned the heat down to medium-low and let the flavors simmer together a bit. (This all took less than 30 minutes!) As I served the soup into the bowls, we added shredded cheese and crushed-up tortilla chips. Both, my husband and daughter, came back for seconds. I'd say that's a sign that they liked it, wouldn't you? (And of course, I'm taking the left overs for lunch tomorrow! LoVe it when I can do that!)

Oh, and tomorrow night I'll use the other pound of taco meat for taco salad or an easy taco bake. Have I mentioned before that I LoVe Mexican food?!!!

Are you guilty for cooking the same things over and over again? I am. Are you in need for some new recipes? I am. Check out these tasty blog parties for some great recipes!


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