Don't you just love surprises? I certainly do! I received this BeAuTiFuL surprise from a sweet colleague.

Are you asking yourself why am I (meaning me not you, dear reader) deserving of this little beauty? Don't feel bad, I wondered the same thing. I really didn't do anything special. My friend was creating her classroom website and I provided her some guidance. (Remember, I LoVe technology and gadgets!) Anywhoo, as a little "thank you," she created this lovely little dish soap dispenser. (She let me in on the little secret to this beauty. She took the cross off of a necklace that she will never wear and glued it to the glass soap dispenser bottle from WalMart.) It was also her idea to put the blue Dawn dish soap in the bottle too! LoVe how it looks!

Now are you ready for another surprise? I am hoping to be the winner of this little lovely!

You could earn a chance to win it too. Go on over to Tatertots and Jello's blog. Just don't win MY watch! Hee, hee!


  1. What a cute bottle and idea. Thanks for following my blog. I am having a fun event today if you want to link up..

    Thanks again..

  2. I received a painted bottle from a friend one year that I keep olive oil in. Yours in beautiful!
    Came over from Amy's to say hi.

  3. I am glad you came by again. I hope to get to 200 someday that would be amazing. Happy Sunday...


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