Biggest Loser - Family Style!

Do you watch NBC's Biggest Loser? It's a family favorite at my house! On Tuesday evenings, I cook dinner (Yes, I said cook! Remember, I'm working on eating at home at least 3 times a week.) and then we set up TV trays in the living room. My husband, daughter, and I all eat dinner off of our TV trays and watch the Biggest Loser together. LoVe this family time!

Tonight after we ate dinner, we also completed some chores during the commercial brakes. We My husband rinsed the dishes and my daughter and I loaded the dishwasher. We also folded a load of laundry. Not bad for a family night, eh?!?

Oh, and in case you've read my posts about my running adventures, the big date is getting closer! Yikes! Not too sure I'm ready, but we'll find out soon enough.


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