Simple Homemade Holiday Ornaments

I made these fun festive ornaments today while staying home with my poor sick daughter. Two years ago I bought these fun silver photo ornament frames at Target knowing that I could come up with something cute to put inside. Well now that I have my Cricut (see my Black Friday post) I can create all sorts of little lovelies. They will make great gifts or fun decor on a beautifully wrapped present. You can make some too! See my simple how-to steps below. (My apologies for the poor photo quality, but I'm a bit too lazy to transfer pics from my digital camera. Instead, I used my precious iPhone and emailed myself the pics. :-)

 First, I started with these supplies:

I used the Cricut Designer's Calendar Cartridge to cut the snowflakes from the blue textured scrapbook paper. Traced and cut out the ornament shapes from the pink cardstock, and then brushed on the silver paint.

Next, I layered the snowflake on the sparkly pink paper and then I slapped on one of my cute embossed scrapbook stickers onto the snowflake. Finally, I placed it all into the frames and tied the fun snowflake ribbon on as ornament hangers.


  1. Cute, cute! And I am not at all surprised that you grabbed up a Cricket on Black Friday - I'm just shocked it took you this long!!!



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