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I often come up with some grand ideas for little craft projects, but just as often those grand ideas become just that ... IDEAS. However, I do occasionally have a spark of an idea and come out with a grand result. (Or at least I think it's grand.) And then, there's other moments. The moments when my life is a whirlwhind but I have to create a little something for a specific something or sometime. So tonight I thought I'd share with you a couple of lil' somethings.

First up, these fun little lovelies that I created for each of my daughter's 16 soccer teammates.

Frontal view

The pictures really don't do these fun little keepsake ornaments justice.

It was the end of the "Wildthangs" soccer season and time for their team hurrah. So, amidst all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the Christmas holidays, I decided that I would make each of the girls a little something to remember their season. I started off with the clear craft ornaments from Michaels (lucky for me these babies were part of the 50% off sale!) in a non-traditional ornament shape. I then filled them with crinkle paper in their team color. (The "Wildthangs" jerseys were turquoise and black in a "wild" checkerboard-diagonal pattern.) Next, I used my trusty Cricut to cut circles out of the "wild" zebra print felt, as well as each girls' jersey number from the turquoise cardstock. I used a craft glue stick to adhere the numbers to the zebra-striped circles. Then, with a little lot of help from a pair of tweezers, I managed to squeeze the numbered circle inside the ornament and get it positioned just right so that you could see the number and some of the crinkle paper. (Did you catch the fact that I had to make 16 + 1 for my daughter of these little lovelies?) Once the inside was complete, I took a silver metallic Sharpie and wrote the girl's name on the front and the team name and year on the back. Finally, I put the finishing touch by tying a bow with this fun black and white ribbon. The girls really seemed to enjoy them, and in my opinion they don't scream Christmas so the girls can hang these up on display in their bedrooms if their hearts desire. What do you think?

Next up, here's a little craft I did with my daughter's Girl Scout Troop. We (the girls) made seat cushions (from vinyl table cloths, foam, yarn, and permanent markers) to sit on during our outdoor activities. Very simple!

This is the one I created for myself. I can't believe I still had it hidden away in my craft closet! We made these over 3 years ago!

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  1. APRIL!! I love your blogspot..and I am soooo happy to be following your(no i am not crafty) so crafty self you have b-come :) can"t wait to see your crafties!!hooray!


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