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Taking the Resort Approach

Last week my husband and I were blessed to be able to escape to Cabo for a week. We had an AMAZING vacation! While we were there we "unplugged" from our daily lives; however, we plugged in to our environment. We certainly enjoyed some rest and relaxation, but we also engaged in lots of conversations with those around us and participated in various fun activities led by the resort staff. It wasn't until we were on the flight home that I was struck by an Aha! moment: There were people from all over the world staying at our resort, but we were all united as one resort family. When we walked by others, eye contact was made, greetings exchanged, and conversations took place amongst perfect strangers.  Other than the beautiful scenery, what brought us together? It started with the resort's activities staff. They quickly learned the names of and a little about the guests who were staying at the resort. Then, when it was time for an activity, they first created a comf