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Holiday Blues

So yesterday morning, not even an hour into the school day, my daughter comes by my library complaining of a stomachache. The nurse checked her over, but no fever, just a pale face and a bit of clamminess. (Is that even a real word?) So she rested in the nurse's office for a while. I stopped back by 15 minutes later (One of the perks about working at your child's school!)and nothing had changed. I made a decision to go ahead and take her home. After being at home for a couple of hours and eating lunch, she began to feel better... Or so I thought! It was an hour or so after lunch when I heard her in the bathroom hurling - oh my! It was then that I realized that this was the FIRST time in which I was the only adult around with a puking child! (She's 10 mind you.) Can you believe that?!? Usually her dad or my dad are around and they handle everything; I have a bit of a weak stomach. Oh it is definitely a case of the holiday blues! Fortunately for me, it hit her all at once a