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Holiday Blues

So yesterday morning, not even an hour into the school day, my daughter comes by my library complaining of a stomachache. The nurse checked her over, but no fever, just a pale face and a bit of clamminess. (Is that even a real word?) So she rested in the nurse's office for a while. I stopped back by 15 minutes later (One of the perks about working at your child's school!)and nothing had changed. I made a decision to go ahead and take her home. After being at home for a couple of hours and eating lunch, she began to feel better... Or so I thought! It was an hour or so after lunch when I heard her in the bathroom hurling - oh my! It was then that I realized that this was the FIRST time in which I was the only adult around with a puking child! (She's 10 mind you.) Can you believe that?!? Usually her dad or my dad are around and they handle everything; I have a bit of a weak stomach. Oh it is definitely a case of the holiday blues! Fortunately for me, it hit her all at once a


This holiday season (as always), I have a lot to be thankful for: 1. God's love & forgiveness 2. An amazing husband 3. An incredible daughter 4. Two wonderful & supportive parents 5. A dog who fills our life with energy 6. Having a cozy little house 7. A job that brings me joy 8. Friends to laugh and cry with 9. Good health 10. Peace & happiness May this holiday season bring you and your family many blessings!

Happy TURKEY Day!

My family celebrated Thanksgiving by watching the Dallas Cowboys pluck some Seahawk feathers! Love this tradition; we'll see if it continues once the new stadium opens. Tickets may be beyond our limits then. I guess we'll have to come up with a new tradition. :-)

A New Kind of Super HERO!

Okay, so one of the things that inspired me to start this blog was the blog party on Just-a-Girl's blog. Not only did this make me want to start blogging, it also put me in the crafty spirit. So, I had to release this crafty energy. And what a perfect opportunity: I needed a Reading Day costume. (Teachers and staff dress up as a book character and the entire school day is devoted to reading. A librarian's dream day!) Here I come to save the day! Or, maybe not! :-) The materials I used: Yes, that is a Christmas tree skirt, a.k.a. the cape. The sparkly stickers inside the stocking were used on the "cape" and the white fuzzy sock was cut into strips. I hand-stitched them onto the shirt for the trim. Okay, so it's not the best craft in the world but I did make it myself. (For the most part!)

Blog Bandwagon

After months, days, and hours of reading and exploring friends and strangers blogs, I've decided to take the plunge! There are way too many people out there sharing happenings (the good and the bad), so I'm going to play the follower for once and jump on the blog bandwagon. Who knows where this blog may lead!?! One things for sure, at some point my procrastination tendencies are bound to set in and my blog may fall behind. When it does, someone out there in cyberspace send me an email and I'll get it going again. :-) I hope to use this blog to share the adventures of my life and my addiction to technology gadgets. You too should jump on the blog bandwagon if you're not already there!