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Long time, no talk!

It seems as though I've fallen off the blogosphere, again . However, this time the culprit: a virus-infected laptop. But thanks to the generous husband of a dear friend, my computer is back up and running better than new! Can't beat that! So, hopefully I'll get back on the blogging saddle and you'll hear a lot more from me in the near future. In the meantime, here's a mini video of some recent fun times with the family. I created the video using one of my favorite programs, Animoto . (You too can create 30 second videos for FREE ! and it's as easy as pie to use!!!) Oh, and last week while at a technology workshop for school, I learned that you can post on your blog from your cell phone, like this post here . (There are two easy ways to do this; via an email or a text both made directly from your cell phone.) Wish I had learned that sooner! Create your own video slideshow at


My hubby (on the right) and his friend are true WARRIORS! This is after they completed the Warrior Dash, a 5k obstacle course and mud run. Way to go boys! Sent from April's iPhone