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Well, as a new blogger there has to be a first time for everything! I am now experiencing my first game of "tag." But since I don't really have any other friends or family members who blog (other than the Royal One who tagged me), this game has now become "Freeze Tag."

The tag directions say to share 10 things about me. Oh, and I have to be honest. (As if I would lie!) So here it is, everything you ever wanted to know about me and the things you wish you didn't.

1. I must confess, I spend way too much time on the computer (and not just to complete my online classes for my graduate degree!). Often, I get on "just to check my email or class discussion boards" and then before I know it two hours have passed and I've accomplished nothing but "caught up with all my friends on Facebook" or sifted through a bunch of random websites.

2. I am addicted to Dr Pepper! As in I drink more than 3 a day -- if I could give up Dr Pepper, I could probably drop about 10 pounds! But that would be too easy as far as weight loss goes, but I am so not interested.

3. Being spoiled is lots of fun! I have to admit that I am a spoiled brat. My parents, especially my Dad, STILL spoils me despite the fact that I am a grown adult. Nothing wrong with that!

4. My husband is way more of a romantic than I am. Seriously, he's the mastermind behind all of our hotel night getaways for my birthday and our anniversary every year. And what do I do for his birthday? Hmm, I'm doing good to have his card & a gift before the day of his birthday! I am very blessed to have such a thoughtful and loving husband! He's AWESOME!!! (This is one of the reasons why I married him. When we were dating, I walked out to my car from work one night to see balloons tied to my car and roses and a card tucked behind the windshield wiper. -- The best part is, he's still got it going on with the thoughtfulness!)

5. I absolutely despise feet, especially cold feet! If you put your feet on me, you better be ready for a fight! (And don't even think about touching my toes!)

6. I am a computer geek! (See number 1.) I know just about all of the keyboard shortcuts there are to know/use. Many of my friends and colleagues call on me for help with technology tasks. If I don't know how to do it, I can usually play around long enough and figure it out.

7. If you want me to get something done, you better give me a deadline and stick to it, checking back with me periodically. I am a procrastinator!

8. I absolutely hate going to the doctor! It takes a great deal of excruciating pain to get me into the doctor's office. (This includes doctors of all kinds.)

9. I always have good intentions to send cards, make phone calls, etc. but never follow through with my ideas.

10. My daughter is the strongest 10-year old I know! She is going without eating sweets & fried foods for the entire 5th grade school year because of a bet she made with her Dad. For that matter, she's mentally stronger than me! I can't even go a day without a Dr Pepper!

Oh, and one more thing: I own a Snuggie! (You know, one of those blankets with the arm holes that you've seen on TV. No, I didn't order it! My husband won it for me at our Chinese Christmas this last year. My parents actually bought it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.)

There you have it!

And since I don't know too many bloggers, this game has now become "Freeze Tag."


  1. I'm totally with you with the "I hate feet" revelation! And thanks for easing my mind about the GS cookies (I'm gonna go get me some from the fridge right now!).

    And now... get some more blogging friends!

    Love ya -

    "The Royal One" (Royal what? Let's just leave that thought unfinished!).



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